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I have been having electrolysis at Electrolysis by Myrtle for just over a year now. In the beginning the appointments were over one hour. Now I have 15 minute treatments every other week. This has been a wonderful experience and I now cannot imagine life without electrolysis. This is the solution for permanent hair removal. Myrtle is the best.
Beth C.

For years I tried waxing, tweezing, treading and bleaching—all temporary methods of hair removal. I finally decided my unwanted hair was getting worse. So I decided to try Electrolysis by Myrtle. Just three months into the treatment, there was a drastic reduction in the amount of hair on my face. I was beginning to see a major difference in my skin. Electrolysis has made an incredible difference in my life. Thank you, Myrtle
Carole H.

I have been amazed at the professionalism shown at Electrolysis by Myrtle. My young daughter was being ridiculed at school for her mustache. I spoke with Myrtle and she explained to me the importance of having unwanted hair removed on teenagers,but waiting until my daughter expressed an interest in the treatment herself. I talked with my daughter about electrolysis and she began treatments a few months later. She is a very happy, outgoing teenager and now has amazing self-esteem.
Thank you, Myrtle .

I was very nervous about having electrolysis treatments. I had bumps from ingrown hairs and pigmentation from years of tweezing. I requested a complimentary consultation and was amazed at the information provided to me. Myrtle made me feel very comfortable. Thanks to Electrolysis by Myrtle I am very proud to say I no longer have bumps and pigmentation on my chin. I feel more comfortable and confident than ever and highly recommend Electrolysis by Myrtle.
Gale J.

For years I had my eyebrows waxed and I then began tweezing it myself. In other words, I had a mess. Myrtle assured me electrolysis could make a huge difference in reshaping my eyebrows. Thanks to her, an eyebrow pencil is no longer necessary.
Lib C.

Myrtle Hamrick is a very dedicated professional. She has completed my treatments now and I only have clean-up treatments every few months. It is a delight to visit her office and I leave there feeling hair-free, confident and refreshed.
Debby J.

My life was changed in just a few short treatments. Even though I have been going for some months now, I no longer wax, shave, thread, etc. I have time to spend with my children, husband and friends and can do so in confidence. No more hair, no more Magnifying mirrors. Just freedom from unwanted hair, Thanks Myrtle
Lois W.

I have nothing to say but wonderful things about Myrtle. I was referred to Myrtle by my electrologist in another state and was so amazed at the difference. Believe it or not, It is a real pleasure to have electrolysis treatments. I feel great afterwards and look forward to the day I will only need clean-up treatments.
Tina H.

As a man, I cannot begin to explain how disgusted I was at having the tweeze my unibrow often. It was beginning to look like it was being tweezed. My best friend recommended I call Electrolysis by Myrtle. She made me comfortable from the very beginning and explained the process thoroughly. I highly recommend Electrolysis by Myrtle.
Mike H.

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